Public Sectors & Communities

Our Why


Shwoop is a medium for engaging people, this gets the messages you want your community to know to be heard. This includes events and public service announcements.


Promoting community cohesion through teamworking activities and active engagement as users complete quests together.


Shwoop uncovers insights into communities to better help you efficiently ask what people are thinking and for you to see what they are up to (contingent on their privacy settings).

What We Are

Think of us like a crossover between Pokemon Go and Heart of the CIty, Auckland - or the local magazine that outlines all the fun stuff happening this month. We deliver valuable pro-social information in an entertaining way. We're also part marketing platform, so can drive messages to people or drive people to messages.

We're on a journey to create a world-class platform to engage with individuals and industries alike, building strong, fun and meaningful relationships in Aotearoa and abroad that lasts.

We believe that as individuals, we can write pages, but together, we can write chapters.