Private Sector

What We Do

Shwoop specialises in having fun!

By leveraging our platform where users are able to communicate, team and venture out for quests, we create opportunities for people to create lasting memories and relationships with one another.

How We Do It

Anyone can start shwooping with us!

Every community location has specific challenges that users complete. Some of these challenges include (as testing in Games Week), solving riddles on University of Auckland campus as part of our digitical treasure hunt, finding potential friends on campus with the same number as you.

We offer local influencer status meaningful journeys and prizes that range from a cup of coffee to flights to Bali.

How We Can Help You

By joining Shwoop's vision in turning cities into playgrounds, we're able to be hands-on in ensuring that your brand is in the hands of users in an immersive, memorable and relatable brand experience.

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Lets do this!

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