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Episode One

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore Auckland and create lasting relationships with one another.

Our journey has just started. There are so much that we have planned and we can't wait to just show you what we have in store.

From a larger prize pool, to a better app interaction, we're here to connect you with the world and city around you, building an interactive playground for you.

Our team has invested countless hours for you. And all we can hope, is for you to enjoy every single moment of it.

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Our Focus


We aim to provide a medium for users to interact with each other as they complete quests around them.
By creating a safe and fun environment, we hope that new friendships can be made, reinforced and connected.

Tech Centered

Using the latest technology available on your smartphone, we harness the power of augmented reality today, creating a seamless experience between you and the world around you through a digital medium.


We strive to innovate and continuously develop our technology, skills and what we learn. We hope that you'll join us on the fun and exciting new adventures as we learn and grow together.

Our Story

Shwoop was founded with the idea to bring fun to people, whilst at the same time to foster and create lasting relationships with strangers that you would otherwise meet. We aim to provide a platform for individuals alike to step outside in their own cities, exploring what their city has to offer.

Episode One

We believe that like any story, we should have episodes. Our first episode is based on creating a fully functioning and working app for you. To do this, we first successfully launched Games Week, where users were able to take part in some of our Shwoop adventures around Auckland. There were tons of cool prizes and we got to meet a lot of amazing people. More than 3000 people attended and won awesome prizes from a cup of Joe to a University Scholarship. With that, there were many that wanted more.

So. With that. We decided we'd do more.


Currently we're in the process of beta testing our app, making sure that you have an enjoyable seamless experience from start to finish. Alongside this, we're hoping to get onboard some of New Zealand's outstanding brands so that we can deliver more. Much. Much. More.

This is just the beginning...

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