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Shwoop is an interactive adventure platform designed to connect society. Here at Shwoop we believe everyone should have fun, and our platform intends to do just that. Keep a lookout for our events and get Shwooping today!

Our Story Begins.

Episode One

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore Auckland and create lasting relationships with one another.

Our journey has just started. There are so much that we have planned and we can't wait to just show you what we have in store.

From a larger prize pool, to a better app interaction, we're here to connect you with the world and city around you, building an interactive playground for you.

Our team has invested countless hours for you. And all we can hope, is for you to enjoy every single moment of it.

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Who Are We?

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Our Faces

Iszac Kereone

Business Development

Ahmed Alassafi


Ayaan Shaikh


Horace Lee


Jamie McDonald


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