Question 1:
As the sun is highest, I'll keep it dark
As the sun is lowest, I'll hide its arc
Wind me up and my secret holds
Wind me down my answer unfolds
Find me at the end, the furthest away
This is our secret, now come here and play
Question 2:
Think of me before you fall
Hold on, I'll give you my all
Look close, gleam under my spine
Hurry up, tik tok, there's little time
As always, don't show others, let's keep it hush
After all, I'll divide the rush
Question 3:
I'm here to pick up after you
I'll wait all day if I have to
Act discretely, don't make a scene
Open my mouth, look down the seem
Question 4:
Ask me your questions, fire away
Answers inform, none lead you astray
But you and I know, I'm a place to go
Give me your questions, and answers will flow
Look around and under, take just one prize
Then walk away, be hush, avoid all eyes
Question 5:
Some people say I'm a know it all
Some people say a sign for recall
I'm crimson, for your information
Not the type that’s like Mr. Beaton
If you find me, please put me back
You've won, let others have a crack
Question 6:
Try not to judge a book by it's cover
Glance at my once, if you need another
All I have to offer, nothing more
You are here, nowhere else, just one floor
Peel me forward, put me back, make a vow
Plot twist ahead, you’re looking at me now ;)
Question 7:
Take a break, refresh, you’re in need
What is certain, you're quenched indeed
Once done, think green, please recycle
I'm not face value, try an angle
Don't move me, just put your hand behind
Take a note, then make another find
Question 8:
"Let me show, the greatest thing you've seen"
Says the person across, well esteemed
Put anything on me, I'll handle it all
My legs are sturdy, but not like a wall
I'm a place to eat, meet and seat
Don't get me dirty, lay upon me a sheet
Question 9:
If you can't hear me, I'll help you out
Make some distance, try not to shout
From within my mouth, out comes waves
Mount street throws some pretty lit raves
Question 10:
Sounds come out as church bells ring
But without my chorus, it's hard to sing
My seat is sturdy, please don't play
Don't make any damage, please obey
Look under my belly, I swear I'm grand
Or maybe just a baby, I'll still fill a band